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How can I motivate my child?

Q: My six-year-old daughter is an extremely bright student, but only when she wants to be. She gets distracted easily and does not feel motivated by anything. We have tried reward charts, treasure box, etc. These work for a few days, but then she loses interest. Do we need to consult a doctor? We are not in favour of medication. Is there a diet that she can follow to improve her concentration and keep her motivated?

A:If your little girl is doing well in school and is happy, why are you worried about motivation? Sometimes a very bright child is bored by the repetitive tasks given in the classroom. You may introduce her to music or dancing, which require concentration and coordination, but are also very enjoyable. It is wise to ensure that her diet is carefully planned (excluding Cola drinks, avoiding MSG based fried foods). Her rest and sleep hours should also receive attention. TV watching hours should be restricted and monitored. There seems to be no reason to think of any medication for her.


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