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How can I manage my kidney problem?

Q: I am a 42 years old man on dialysis twice a week for 4 hours. My kidney size is 9.1 X 3.9 - right side and left side - 10 X 4.9. My creatinine is 6.9 and blood urea is 91, after four dialysis. Before dialysis, my creatinine was 9 and blood urea was 171. My current medication is - Amlodac 10 mg, Zyloric 100 mg, Livogen, Folic acid 5 mg and Becosules in the morning and Minipress 15 mg and Aztor-ez in the night. Since I am diabetic also, my insulin intake is 10 units both in the morning and at night. Please advise.

A:Your history is suggestive of an underlying irreversible kidney disease with less than 10% of normal kidney function at your age. This would require you to be on a long term maintenance dialysis or preferable a kidney transplant, if you get one. Following your absolute serum creatinine levels (after each dialysis treatment session) has no relevance once you have started the dialysis treatment.


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