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How can I make my voice more manly?

Q: I am 33 years old man but my voice is like a womans voice. If anybody hears me without seeing me he will think that some girl is talking. There is no other abnormality. Is there any medicine to improve my voice quality so that it sounds like a man?

A:This only means that the necessary changes that take place in the vocal cords and the voice box, with age, has not taken place in your case. Actually the larynx elongates, becomes bigger and the vocal cords stretch, causing the necessary voice changes or the male tenor as it is called. Some causes can be attributed to your hormonal make up, if that was delayed, like having less hair on the body, etc. The larynx or the voice box needs to be examined and the vocal cords need to be checked by laryngoscopy and stroboscopy. I am sure something can be worked out for you.


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