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How can I make my son study?

Q: I have a 15 years old son, studying in the tenth standard. He is just not interested in studies. He puts in only 1 hour for studies per day. The days on which he goes for Maths and Science tuitions, he does not touch his books on his return. In his recent tests he secured only about 60 percent marks. Please advise how can I get my son to put in more effort to do better.

A:Your son is doing OK for someone who spends only an hour for studies everyday. The first conclusion is that he is quite bright, since he still manages 60 percent over all. Since this is his board exam year, talk to him and explain how his choices for the next level will be influenced by his performance. And in case he is not interested in the Sciences, please do not force him to take those subjects for the next two years. There are many choices and he should choose options by his inclination, rather than by the theory that certain subjects are superior. Most important, have a chat with him and find out what his plans are. He will do better if he knows that it will lead him where he wants to go. Let him set short-term goals and reach them. What else does he do with his time? If he is engaged in active sports, that is good news. If he is watching TV all the time, that is bad news! Most programmes on our channels are not suitable for children. He will have to be selective in what he watches. If he is playing computer games, the activity should not go on for a long time. You should be there to guide him on planning his daily schedule. Make him take responsibility for himself. Be persuasive and friendly in dealing with him so that he feels inclined to listen to you.


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