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How can I make my son bold and sportive?

Q: My 6 years old son is reserved in nature and less talkative. He wishes to play only inside and watch CDs. He is still not able to speak fluently. How can I guide him to be bold and sportive?

A:I think it is best to let the child develop according to his nature. Some children are timid others are bold. Some like to have animals as pets, others enjoy killing them.

While I can see that you are eager for your child to take part in everything, let him do so gradually, one step at a time. If you force him to go out and play with the others, he may not be able to communicate easily with them and may feel awkward.

First of all, a thorough health check should be done and any kind of hearing impairment be ruled out. After that is done, you may wish to consult a psychologist to see what methods she can suggest to improve your child's speech.


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