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How can I make my infant drink milk?

Q: My baby is two months old. Since birth she is not taking mothers milk. Whenever my wife tries to feed her, she cries continuously. We have consulted a paediatrician who says that there is no problem with the baby. We also consulted a gynaecologist for my wife and she too has no problem. Could you please reccommend the feeds (including fruits, nuts) that must be given to the baby in lieu of her not taking mother's milk.

A:At 2 months your baby only needs milk and nothing else, no fruits or nuts. Most often if your wife has milk but is not able to feed the baby, it is due to improper attachment or the technique of breast feeding. Try to express breast milk and give it with a spoon. Take away the bottle nipple and the baby should be able to get on to the breast. If this does not succeed give some milk to the baby which could be a formula if expressed breast milk is not adequate.


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