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How can I make my daughter concentrate on her studies?

Q: My 6 years old daughter studies in the first standard. The basic problem with her is that she is not able concentrate on anything including studies and always prefers to play with her friends. Otherwise, she is smart but not in studies. She likes going to school but doesn't like to study. Is there any technique or medicine that can make her learn the art of concentration? Please advise.

A:As parents we often put too much emphasis on academics and often fail to see the strengths in our children. Each child is different and has a different pace of development. You have written yourself that she is smart though not in studies. Your daughter is six years old and is too young to be expected to show much concentration or interest in studies. The attention span of children is short, and it is up to the adults to make learning experiences short and interesting. If you force or scold her for studying, she will begin to dislike studies totally. The objective at this age should be to make her enjoy going to play-school, reading or even looking at books, painting and interacting with others of her age. As a parent, you can simply try to set study times, remove any distractions from the study area, and encourage her efforts at studies.


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