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How can I make my child study?

Q: My 5 years old son is in class 1. He was good at studies till last year, but this year he is just not. His teacher says that he is very adamant and does not write in the class, but at home when I make him study, he does it well though initially, although with some reluctance. How do I make him study? Please suggest.

A:I am not sure what it means when a child of four is good at studies (your expression for your child last year). A child of 4 should not have to be forced into studies. He should be playing with a variety of objects, listening to stories and rhymes and joining in them, making friends, learning about the world around, have time and space for running, climbing, jumping. Our schools are unfortunately miniature high schools with teachers who think that as soon the child starts on reading and writing, the better it is. Unfortunately this is not true. Children learn in many ways and doing pages of writing homework at age 5 does not help for the growth of intelligence or self-confidence. If you can, change his school, to one which uses play way methods and does not give homework. This may be difficult, in actuality. Your child is protesting the kind of regimentation and over-emphasis on academic work. In that sense he is smarter than his teachers, but you can't tell them that! Give him drawing, collage work, clay modelling etc. and let him pick up school work at his own pace.


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