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How can I make my child sleep in a separate room?

Q: My 12-year-old daughter is afraid to sleep with her brother, in a seperate room. She wants me to sleep with her. I have been trying to do this and thought that she would outgrow this problem. However, she is unable to conquer her fear. If we try to be firm with her, she gets scared and does not sleep at all. I am very tense as this problem is adversely affecting both my married life and my daughter. Please tell me how to tackle this situation.

A:You have not mentioned the age of your son. If he is older, some hesitation on the part of your daughter is normal. I cannot imagine that for twelve years she has shared your bedroom. She should have been shifted out much earlier. The statement that she does not sleep when she is not with you is just a theory. Even people who complain of insomnia do sleep, but may be awake for a few minutes, now and then. You should be firm in shifting her out of your room, but forcing her to share a room with an older brother may not be fair. Work out a feasible and acceptable solution in consultation with all the members in the family.


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