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How can I make my child drink milk?

Q: My son is 6 months old. I breastfed him for 4.5 months, after which I slowly introduced other foods, as I had to rejoin work. He doesn't take milk (Lactogen / nanogen, Cow milk, etc.) other than breast milk. I feed him in the morning, afternoon & night (whenever he wakes up). My mother gives him ragi curry, rice, fruits, vegetables etc. Is it OK if he does not take any milk at this age? I am very worried about his food?

A:Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for 6 months of life. After 6 months, in addition to breastfeeds, semisolids such as rice cereal, wheat porridge, suji, dahlia, idli, boiled mashed vegetables, mashed fruit, egg, etc. are recommended 3-5 times a day. Frequency of breastfeeds will be reduced after introduction of these as stated below. Breastfeeding may be continued till 2 years of age. Additional milk is recommended after a year of age. Dairy products like curd or cheese may be started at 9 months of age. Only if no breastfeeds, additional milk must be started at 6 months. The American Academy recommendations on infant milk intake are: 1. Breast Milk

  • every 1-3 hours for infants 0-3 months
  • every 2-4 hours for infants 4-5 months
  • every 3-4 hours for infants 6-8 months
  • every 4-5 hours for infants 9-12 months 2. Iron fortified Formula (per day) for infants not on breastmilk:
  • 18-40 oz. for infants 0-3 months
  • 24-45 oz. for infants 4-5 months
  • 24-37 oz. for infants 6-8 months
  • 24-31 oz. for infants 9-12 months 3. Dairy products:
  • none for infants 0-3 months
  • none for infants 4-5 months
  • none for infants 6-8 months I think your baby does not need additional milk till 1 year since you are breastfeeding several times a day.


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