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How can I make my 6-pack-abs prominently visible?

Q: I am a 27 years old male and have been going to the fitness canter to strengthen my abdominal muscles. I am quite successful in doing so and have successfully got a flat stomach. But the main problem is that I have some belly fat, which overshadows my abs. I can feel my 4-pack-abs by touching, but due to the presence of fat, the muscles can't be seen. Please suggest some measures so that my abs become visible.

A:You must remember as you embark on the fitness bandwagon, that it should be fun to work out and be fit, you should look at building a workout that is part of your lifestyle and now is a good time to start. The key here is balance, do a mix of cardiovascular exercise such as walking, running/jogging, cycling or swimming to take care of your heart and lung health. And this is what will direct the fat that lies above the muscle to slowly lessen. For your muscles to be developed, think of an overall programme that works 3-4 times a week, which will cover all parts of your body so that you will be strong and look and feel good. Just working on the abs to get the perfect six-pack is a limited view of fitness and will not take you the long distance. Exercise the whole body, all the systems and see the benefits, not only in terms of your abdominal muscles but also overall health.


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