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How can I make my 3-year-old study?

Q: I have a 3.4 years old child who otherwise an active and intelligent boy but making him sit and study is a huge task. He does his class work but his homework is never completed because he does not like any learning activities we do at home. I have a very friendly relation with him but making him study is very difficult. Please suggest ways.

A:In my view, a 3-year-old should not have to be doing any homework I am glad that you have a friendly relationship and do not force your child to write. According to knowledge in the area of Child Development, 4 is a better age to start writing with a pencil. At age 3 they should be scribbling with chalk on the floor and painting with their hands. But we all become victims of the school system. If you are lucky, you will find a more congenial school, which has more contemporary ideas. If that is not possible, use your playfulness to make a game of finishing the homework. Reward him with his favourite activities (playing with a ball, children's music or story books).


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