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How can I increase my breast size?

Q: I will get married in 15 days. I look fine but my problem is that my fiance says that I have medium sized breasts and he keeps telling me to consult a doctor to make them larger before we get married. I feel shy to go the doctor. My bra size is 34 but I feel it is heavy for me. I do not know why he is so particular about this. He says that if he massages the breast well (for an 1/2 hour) it will help them become larger. Whenever he sees me he starts pulling the breasts, which pains me lot. Please advise.

A:There are no medications or massage or special bras which can increase breast size. It is not my place to advice you regarding your relationship with your future husband but it may advisable for you to discuss these concerns with your family prior to marriage. The only way to increase breast size is by augmentation with breast implants which are placed behind the breast through an operation. You need to be comfortable with your breast size and whether you want to undergo an operation to insert the implants. Please let me know if there is any further way I can assist you.


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