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How can I improve my daughter's speed in writing?

Q: I have a 6 years old daughter. She is very active, obedient and intelligent and also does well at school. Her problem is that she is very slow in writing and often is the last one to finish the classwork. She writes neatly without any spelling mistakes. I have tried many methods but could not improve her speed. I think her concentration span is low. What should be done?

A:If your description is right, you have a very bright child, who is easy to rear. Give thanks where they are due! There is nothing wrong with her concentration span, if she writes neatly and without errors. She is probably keen not to make a single mistake and hence takes more time. What if she finishes writing last in her class? She is a person, not a machine. In any case, she is old enough for you to talk to her and ask her if she is willing to sacrifice some degree of neatness in the cause of speed. We are not all perfect, so it is realistic not to expect perfect children!


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