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How can I improve my daughter's attitude?

Q: How do I help my 6 year old daughter through her 'angry hateful nobody loves' me phase? She don't do anything and is full of sadness and anger. She screams and cries on everything I do. What should I do?

A:You must try to analyse the reasons for her behavior. Is there a change in the family scenario? Is there a medical problem with her? Are you over-indulgent with her? Do you give her adequate time and attention when she is in apositive frame of mind or does she only get attention when she misbehaves? As parents, do you provide models of calmness or does she get to see aggressive behavior? It is important to understand if her behavior has changed suddenly or if she has been difficult since infancy. On the whole, the best advice that can be given with the few details provided is that you should get her medically examined to rule out any deficiency or worms etc, provide good models of behavior yourself, and try to encourage her desirable behaviors and ignore negative behaviors if possible.


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