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How can I improve muscle mass around my chest and shoulders?

Q: I am a 25 years old male. I go for jogging regularly. I want to improve muscle mass around my chest and shoulders. Can you please suggest some good exercises and diet that can help with this?

A:If you are interested in increasing your body size you have to plan to work on it in a systematic manner and be patient, for the desired results to show. The most specific method to increase bulk is to take up weight training as the primary activity in your workout. Your workout should also include some cardiovascular exercises like cycling, walking, jogging (so that you also work your heart and lung capacity) as well as stretching your body (so that your muscles remain flexible, which reduces the risk of injury). Ideally, you should train under the guidance of a qualified and experienced fitness instructor so that the programme can specifically suit your needs and the progress can be monitored. Each body part should be weight trained at least once a week (depending on the intensity of that particular workout). Do make sure that you work out all body parts to ensure you achieve balance. Some principles to remember:

  • Train larger muscles first before smaller muscles.
  • Do compound exercises like squats and push-ups before focusing on each part like leg extension or chest press.
  • Heavier weights with less repetitions(2-3 sets with 4-6 reps) will give you the mass you would like.
  • Side by side, you should increase your diet intake with the right type and amount of calories.


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