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How can I improve health in general?

Q: I am just 18 years old but every month I suffer from fever and cold. Please give me some tips so I feel healthy?

A:To improve your health and prevent frequent infections, you can try the following: 1. Eat regular meals. Your meals should have the right balance of proteins, carbohydrate, fats and vitamins. Incorporate plenty of fruits in your diet as they contain vitamins necessary to fight infections. 2. Avoid junk food. 3. Avoid sudden extreme changes in temperature in your environment. 4. While eating out, avoid raw/uncooked food if you are not certain about the quality of food. Drink mineral water while eating outside. 5. Ensure hand washing frequently. 6. Update your immunisation for hepatitis, typhoid and also take an influenza vaccine annually. 7. Regular exercise routine will boost your immunity. Yoga and deep breathing exercises would also benefit you. Important part will be your determination and ability to incorporate these suggestions in your busy routine.


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