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How can I help my child to develop speech?

Q: My son is 22 months old and has not started speaking. He understands whatever I say. So far he has said only three to four words. I am worried whether I have to consult a doctor for this. I have seen children of his age group speaking a lot. What should I do to make him speak? Please tell me some activities, which can improve his speech. He enjoys watching cartoons and rhymes on TV and hums along songs, too.

A:Some children start speaking later. If he enjoys cartoons and rhymes, and sings along, he sounds perfectly normal. You and the other adults in the home could speak clearly. Speech is learnt by imitation. When he meets other children of his age, he will start speaking. Do not force him to speak, but provide opportunities for him to talk. Do everything gradually. Involve yourself in his play and ask for things and give labels to the things he uses in the entire day.


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