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How can I help my child get sound sleep?

Q: My son is 3.5 years old and has been brought up by my father-in-law in South India. Now he has moved with us. He is active, has a good memory and is naughty, too. But he is not having sound sleep at night; however he sleeps during the day. My father-in-law used to pat his back for him to fall asleep. He likes to have his grandfather's company at night though he mingles with us during the day. What do we do for his good sleep? Is there any need to consult a Psychologist?

A:Your child is naturally attached to the grandfather, with whom he has been living. He has also become habituated to a specific way of being put to sleep. There is no need to consult any psychologist. You seem to have a problem, worrying about how the child can be close to you. It will happen naturally and in course of time. There is no harm in his sleeping next to his grandfather. That does not mean that he is not fond of you. As he gets older, you can encourage him to sleep by himself. Regarding good sleep, help the child to wind down and spend some quiet time before bedtime. Restrict his TV watching time and make sure that his food intake is nutritious and regular. Avoid Cola drinks and market foods. Have a specific activity like story reading before the child goes to sleep.


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