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How can I help my child develop speech?

Q: My 3.2 years old son is having a speech delay. He does not call us as mummy and papa though he knows who Shahrukh Khan is. He sings most of the current songs on TV but only 2-3 lines that too not very clearly. He is active and helps me by lifting his hands and legs when I dress him. He is quite stubborn too. But he doesn't know how to form sentences and doesn't even ask questions. Please suggest.

A:Your son seems quite normal, since he is noticing what he sees on TV and recognises things. Perhaps there is too much noise and confusion all the time the TV is on. You should read stories to him and have him take part in telling you some part of it. He should have music meant for children and suitable for his age. Also if your child joins a nursery school, he may begin to talk.


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