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How can I handle food intolerance?

Q: I am 25 years old. During my childhood, I used to suffer from recurrent diarrhoeas, so my family doctor advised me to have only fresh cooked meals. He advised me to have cooked vegetables and only home made juices, foodstuffs and boiled water. Despite all these precautions, I had to repeat some antibiotics courses for various problems ranging from mild diarrhoeas to frequent coughs. I am strictly following the same diet for the last 10 years. Is it healthy to keep myself away from germs? Can it alter my resistance to diseases? Can it affect my health in future? Is it advisable to have so many restrictions like keeping myself away from eating or drinking outside? Will it affect my immunity towards other diseases? Can I start living a normal life and eat normal food? Can I afford to have normal foodstuffs keeping in mind my digestion? Please suggest some treatment. How can I start living normally? I think by taking the so-called unhygienic food my digestive system will collapse because my body's resistance is week.

A:Food allergy may be a difficult disorder to treat. When dieting to relieve symptoms it is important to take vitamins in adequate amount. Most symptoms of chronic food intolerance will wax and wane and the problem will improve with time and with reduction of stress in ones personal life. Usually there is little else to do once disorders such as bowel infestation or ulcerative colitis have been excluded by means of simple tests. In some cases colonoscopy and even colectomy are needed, but in an otherwise healthy person this would not be reasonable.


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