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How can I get rid of the scar due to a burn?

Q: My finger and a part of the hand was burnt by hot refined oil while I was cooking in the kitchen. I put the hand under running water, applied ice immediately and went to the doctor. She prescribed silver X ointment for the burn. The burn got cured slowly but burn marks are still there. I applied No marks cream and coconut oil but nothing worked. Since it is the right hand, it looks very bad and I have to hide it somehow. Please suggest a remedy.

A:Sorry to say but burn scars are often permanent. What exactly can be done usually depends on the extent of burns and the scarring. But generally speaking with time the scars mature and soften and become less visible. But you have to keep massaging the scars with cold cream or vaseline to keep it soft and supple. Ointments and creams like no marks, etc. don't work. If the scarring is interfering with the working of your hand and normal functions then you might need to undergo a release with skin grafting or maybe a flap depending on the deformity. But that has to be decided after examining the hand properly by a plastic surgeon to evaluate the exact extent of the deformity. Please keep using the hand to maintain normal range of movements and to keep the scars supple. Physiotherapy may be indicated in some cases.


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