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How can I get rid of small pox scars?

Q: I suffered from small pox at the age of 10 years and developed small pox marks primarily on my face (forehead, nose, cheeks and on both the sides of my nose). Now I am about 42 years of age and have good health. Though they have become identification marks and do not bother me much to prompt facial treatment/surgery or other possible treatment. Being a research scientist, I feel that something should be done for this problem and I am sure that there must be some reasonable, less time consuming and easily accessible treatment for the post-disease symptoms that might bother some other patients too. If needed I will send the picture of my face which on adobe photo shop can be seen minutely. How much would be the time requirement and the approximate cost?

A:Small pox marks are hard to treat completely especially by any short term measure. The usual modalities of treatment involve reducing the depth of the scars so that they are less prominently seen. This can be done by dermabrasion or lasers. No short term measures are available. You might require two or three sittings depending on the depth of the scars. In between, you need at least 6 months between sittings. Post-operative care is of high importance in such cases considering our skin type and proper care as advised should be taken for the next 6 months or all the areas will get tanned and dark. You need to get yourself examined by a plastic surgeon close to you and have yourself evaluated for the same.


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