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How can I get rid of palpitations?

Q: I am 20 years old and suffering from palpitations. I met a cardiologist, and my test results show that my haemoglobin is okay; T3: 1.33; T4: 6.77 and TSH: 1.38. The doctor says the reports are okay. I have submitted a sample for lipid profile test. I am underweight (by 6 kg) although I eat all fatty, dairy products. My blood pressure is also normal. My heart beat as per normal ECG is 104 bpm (which is very high). I do normal exercise, but not stressful. I am also not anxious about anything. How can I get rid of palpitations?

A:Normally, we don't feel our heart beating. When we can feel it we call it palpitation. During exercise when the heart contracts faster, many sensitive people can feel their heart pounding. This is normal. So, palpitations could be due to increased sensitivity to a normal heart rhythm or due to abnormally fast or irregular rhythms. This can be determined by a 24 hour ECG recording (Holter test) when the ECG recorded is correlated with the time of your symptoms. A normal Holter during symptoms is very reassuring. You can try Inderal SR 40 mg once daily morning or Atenelol 50 mg once daily morning for symptom relief.


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