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How can I get rid of my gastric problems?

Q: I am a 44 years old male suffering from abdominal disorder since long. Every two months, I get severe headache and nausea. My head ache disappears only when I vomit. My digestion is not good and I often suffer from gastric problems. I feel weak and have no stamina in my body. I don't feel thirsty and cannot drink more than two glasses of water in a day. How do I get rid of all these problems?

A:I have noted your symptoms of abdominal pain, vomiting and headache. The way you have described these, they do not pinpoint to a specific diagnosis. However, it is a common complain of patients that their headache disappears soon after they vomit. I think that you need a proper general medical check up, and for this you should meet an Internal Medicine consultant. This check up should include checking your general health, BP, basic hematological and biochemical profile, stool and urine examination, thyroid function, an ultrasound of abdomen, etc. Based on these investigations, your doctor can find out the real cause of your problem. If needed, you may be referred to a Gastroenterologist for an upper GI endoscopy to look for any acid-peptic disorder of or GE reflux.


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