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How can I get rid of leg pain?

Q: I am a 27 years old male having pain in both my legs while walking, running, standing and rotating my ankle. The pain goes after resting for a while. I think I got this pain for the first time when I started jogging and running in the morning. What should I do to get rid of this pain?

A:Your symptoms are suggestive of shin splints in which a person starts complaining of pain at the front inside of the shin bone particulary with high impact activities like running and jogging. The most common cause is inflammation of the periostium of the tibia (sheath surrounding the bone). Traction forces on the periosteum from the muscles of the lower leg cause shin pain and inflammation. This has lead to the use of terms such as Medial Tibial Traction Periostitis. Treatment of the shin splints is mostly looking for the cause of shin splint and correcting the same. I will elobrate some of these: Increasing training too quickly and running on hard surfaces : As a rule of thumb with running, distances should not increase by more than 10% per week. For example, if you complete a total of 10 miles one week, do not increase above 11 miles the next week. This helps to ensure the muscles are not overworked Decreased flexibility at the ankle joint : Shin splints can be caused by overly tight muscles in the lower leg, including the calf muscles (Gastrocnemius and soleus) and the shin muscles. Stretching on a daily basis and even receiving sports massage can help improve flexibility


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