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How can I get rid of headaches permanently?

Q: I am a 26 years old female suffering from headaches for the last three years. I consulted a neurologist who diagnosed me with vascular headache. The doctor says that blood circulation near my ear is low and that’s why, I get headache. The doctor has prescribed me Vasograin tablet. After starting the medicine, the frequency of headaches has reduced. But is there is any permanent solution? Shall I take acupuncture treatment along with my current treatment to increase the blood flow circulation?

A:You seem to have migraine and your neurologist has put you on a prophylactic drug, which will reduce your frequency intensity and duration of the headache while. Vasograin will abort the acute attacks. The concept of permanent cure in medicine is over-hyped and misunderstood. Most medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension and also migraine can be managed by reduction/control of symptoms. There is no concept of cure in these conditions.


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