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How can I get relief from my elbow pain?

Q: I am a 33 years old female. I suffered from tennis elbow three years back. The doctor had done blood tests to check if I had arthritis, but the tests reported that I did not have arthritis. So, the doctor gave me painkillers and asked me to use a tennis band. But a month back, I had severe pain in my elbow. I wore the band for a day, which gave me some relief. But the pain in the elbow still persists. I don't use computer for long hours, since I have the pain, but I have to do some basic daily chores in the kitchen. How can I get relief from my elbow pain?

A:You probably have some computer syndrome like RSI (repetitive strain injury) or your elbow joint may be hyper-extended, that means check whether your elbow has an angle of more than 190 degrees, which can increase the risk of pain at elbow when you lift heavier weights. The so called tennis elbow can occur to anybody without tennis; that is termed as lateral epicondylitis. I suggest you should do the following: Correct office ergonomics that is keyboard should be lower and mouse should be closer; no laptop Do not lift weights with extended elbow, I mean use bent elbow for chores Those bands have no curative value and discontinue Apply ice water and warm water pack for 3 minutes each alternatively for 5-6 times in a session for 10 days Use your elbow less for few days Improve other life style habits like early breakfast, regular 30 minutes exercises without pain etc. For God's sake no steroid shots; have patience Finally after pain subsides, you must strengthen biceps muscle (arm muscle) to reduce strain in the joint If no improvement please show it to sports medicine expert not physiotherapist first


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