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How can I gain weight on my face?

Q: I am a 42 years old man and I have noticed that my cheeks have sunken in for the last few months. The right cheek is significantly more sunken in than the left one, and looks really bad sometimes. It could be due to loss of body fat. I was working out for 5-6 days per week and used creatine to obtain the 6-pack abs. But, now my face looks terrible. If the sunken cheeks are due to loss of body-fat, how can I gain weight on my face? Now I have stopped using creatine, and am now working out just 3 days per week and have increased eating foods such as peanut butter. Please advise.

A:You may have overdone the workout/supplements, which may have led to this look. I have always professed that it is better to go the natural way in maintaining weight, working out. It does reduce the risks involved. Do continue your workouts within realistic limits and make sure you get your nutrition from good, healthy low calorie foods that provide you with fuel you require. Going very high calorie again might bring its own set of problems so stick to a moderate diet and keep it good. A word about your cheeks. They may be just one part that do not measure up to your expectation but they are a small part of who you are and by focusing on the whole of you, you might be able see that it is the sum of parts that makes you.


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