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How can I enhance my son's concentration power?

Q: My son is 4.5 years old. He is an adopted child. He is intelligent and his grasping power is very good. But he cannot concentrate for more than 5 seconds at one thing. He is in junior kindergarten. When I tell him to sit and study, he starts crying and is unable to concentrate. Especially when he has to write, he just holds the pencil and sits. Only when I shout, he writes one or two letters and again starts doing something else. He cannot sit in one place for more than 10 minutes. In school also he does not do his work. His teacher has asked me to engage him in different things. What I should do? Should I consult a child psychologist?

A:There are some children who find it difficult to focus on one activity. It is quite a common condition. If there is a Child Psychologist there, you may consult him or her. Since you have not mentioned where you live, I am not able to suggest any names. All children of this age need a lot of activity. Unfortunately, schools are not properly equipped with space and play materials and they tend to force children to write and to read. Do see an expert and also see if you can find a school that is more suitable for your child.


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