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How can I enhance my semen quantity?

Q: I am 49 years old male and have recently noticed that I am ejaculating very less amount of semen. This sudden decrease in ejaculation is affecting my sexual life. I had consulted a doctor and was advised to take vitamin E and zinc pills. I am using them for a while now but there is no improvement in my condition. I am a healthy person. Please help.

A:Abstinence and ejaculatory frequency are most important factors affecting semen parameters, including the volume. Volume of the semen, which has bothered you so much, has no relation to partners satisfaction. Personal habits like smoking and intake of alpha blockers, commonly prescribed medications for hypertension and urinary symptoms, also may reduce semen volume significantly. Semen volume is variable amongst normal healthy males. It has been seen that WHO criterion of normal semen volume of more than 2 ml is met only by two-thirds of fertile men.


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