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How can I educate my daughter about puberty?

Q: How can I educate my 10 years old daughter about puberty? How to start educating her about all the aspects of it? I want to educate her so that she does not feel bad later and it becomes easier for her to understand about the changes she will go through.

A:There are literally thousands of sources on this theme. Since you are familiar with e-mail, I am sure you surf the net for information you need. Once you have got it, explain simply what it means about the human body of the female. Every science book about mammals will explain both pregnancy and lactation. These are beautifully complex systems intended for the continuation of the species. Bring some of the wonder into your discussions. Use illustrated books to show how the male and female reproductive systems work. Do this in a matter of fact way rather than by being embarrassed. At this point, you may focus on the changes in her own body, and that she should inform you when she starts menstruating and be able to take care of her periods. Many of her friends in school will also be able to share information with her. Assure her that you will always be available to answer her questions. Puberty is celebrated in many communities in the South and the girl is showered with presents. In some families the girl is excluded from the kitchen and prayer room and visits to places of worship, during those days. Rules and rituals vary widely across regions. You should be clear in your explanation about the physiology of puberty. The cultural part depends on your own family practices. It will be much easier than you think!


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