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How can I discontinue breast milk for a 2 years old?

Q: My baby is now almost 2 years old. She eats almost everything and sleeps with her grandmother without being breast fed at night but she wants it. Please suggest me something so that I can discontinued this habit?

A:At the age of 2 years a child doesn't get much milk from the breast. The small amount that a child receives doesn't contribute towards her nutrition or allaying her hunger. However it plays a much more important role: providing psychological comfort to your child who is separated from her mother during the day. That is the time you give exclusively to her and she can feel close to you both physically & emotionally. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if she wants to breast feed at night & you may continue to do so if you are comfortable with it. However, if you want to wean her off the breast, the process has to be gradually undertaken with lots of love & patience. It will help if you just hold her close to you, may be tell her a story/ sing a song etc while you pat her to sleep. Of course make sure that she has had a nourishing meal prior to putting her to sleep.


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