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How can I deal with a child who refuses to go to school?

Q: My 4 years old daughter has just joined pre-school. She went to school happily for the first week, but now she starts crying when we ask her to go to school. She is very sensitive. As such nothing has happened in her school. We tried our level best to convince her politely and patiently. At last we had to handle her physically and sent her to school forcefully. But she started crying again the next day. How should I handle her? Should we be non-cooperative to her at home or threaten her or wait till she changes her mind? I don't want to take any step that will affect her future. How can I make her strong minded, and not so sensitive?

A:Most children go through this phase of crying while going to school, but it is better that the child is dealt with firmly yet lovingly. You have to convey both verbally and non-verbally - a) the fact that you love her very much and this is a temporary separation, which is necessary for her education and future. b) give her a signal that her crying will not always result in her demands being met - in this context, not wanting to go to school. c) how nice it is to grow up and how much fun going to school is so that she acquires positive attitudes towards school. These signals will definitely help her adjust to going to school.


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