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How can I cope with my child's disability?

Q: My only newborn daughter is having Down's syndrome with a chronic heart disease and congenital cataract. She has been operated for cataract; doctor has given guarded prognosis for her vision. I am very depressed and not able to cope with the tension. Please guide me how to overcome this trauma?

A:It is a shock to find that a child has some defect or deficiency and my sympathies are totally with you. One of the ways in which parents cope with finding out that their infant has a genetic health defect is to join a group of parents who are going through the same problem. Ultimately, we cope with our disappointments by finding that we are not alone and that there are others in the same situation. All this takes time. Having said that, I will say that children with Downs are usually lovable and sweet tempered. They can be educated. The level they reach depends on individual ability. In a few months you will get to see how you can help your child to develop. When there is a deep bond of affection, everything else falls into place. I trust that your partner and other members of the family are with you and will help you to adjust to the conditions of your life.


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