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How can I control my unruly daughter?

Q: My 20 months old daughter is very active. She is a rebel but unusually smart. She understands perfectly what we ask her to do, but she refuses to finish any task. She is very restless and does not have enough patience even when playing. She ignores all toys and uses everything that she knows is forbidden. Is this kind of behaviour normal? Is my daughter likely to become a toddler with hyper kinetic disorder?

A:Children are often smarter than we think! It seems your daughter is trying to test as to how far you will tolerate her negative behaviours. You should be firm and define limits. Be consistent in what you say No to. The child will learn desirable actions if you are firm and consistent. Try to serve as good role models by observing patience and calmness yourself. It is premature to say if your child will turn out to be hyper-active, as most 2 year olds have too much energy and curiosity which can be a challenge to the parents. But your handling and disciplining efforts will surely help avoid negative trends.


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