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How can I control high triglycerides levels?

Q: I am 34 years old. My blood pressure and sugar levels are normal. Last week I went for a blood test. The test result shows: serum cholesterol - 192 mg% and serum triglycerides - 980 mg%. Please comment on the above result. Will these cholesterol levels create any problem for me? What precautions should I take to control them and stay healthy? I am taking Riconia G tablet 1-ea at night from the past 5 days as per urologist's advise to have baby.

A:Your cholesterol and triglycerides are quite high. You must exercise for 30 minutes a day; don't take alcohol; don't smoke; stop eating red meat, organ meat and yellow of an egg; stop eating fried food; take more of fruits, vegetables, nuts and cereals. Take Storvas 20 mg daily at night after dinner and tablet Lipicard 200 mg one daily and repeat your Lipid Profile after 3 months.


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