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How can I control high blood pressure?

Q: I am 41 years old. I have high blood pressure with minimum level at 90 and maximum level at 150. The doctor has prescribed me Aten 25 mg. When I take this tablet, my BP comes down immediately within half an hour. When I sleep for 8 hours at night, the next day my BP is normal and my heart beat is 72-74 per minute. But when I sleep only for 5 hours at night, the next day my BP is 90/140 and my heart beat is 80-82 per minute. When I sleep for 3 hours at night, the next day my BP is 100/160 and my heart beat is 89-90 per minute. My sleeping pattern is very irregular. I keep thinking all the time. When I am uncomfortable, I take Aten, then my heartbeat comes down. Now I am addicted to this drug. Is there any homeopathic medicine as a replacement to Aten? I heard Lasun capsules and Vitamin E tablets are good for high BP. I have heard that homeopathic medicines do not give side affects. I am confident that my problem is due to over thinking. How can I stop thinking?Kindly suggest a medication for me in the long run of my life.

A:The optimal BP at all ages at rest should be < 120/80 mms Hg. BP levels upto 140/85 are termed as pre-hypertensive levels. In your case higher BP levels are directly related to levels of stress and lack of sleep resulting from that. Atenolol is a drug from the family of beta blocking drugs. 25 mgs is a rather small dose and the drug is not an addicting one. If need be these can be taken for long periods. Regular exercise for more than 30 minutes a day, relaxation techniques, low salt diet with high content of fruits and vegetables, keeping cholesterol levels in blood very low are proven methods of keeping BP levels like yours under control. Occasional use of tranquillisers, like Alprazolam etc, if very tense, is an acceptable method of management.


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