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How can I change my son’s habit of not writing?

Q: I have twins (a boy and a girl) eight years old. Now both are in second standard. My daughter is very smart and good in studies while my son is brighter than her in creativity and thought process but doesn't like to copy anything from the board. His teachers have also complained many times about this. Moreover, he doesn't like to mix up or talk to any stranger (elderly people); he feels shy and never makes direct eye contact with any older person other than family members / known people. I sometimes punish him. He keeps saying that his body is aching and I had taken him to orthopaedic surgeon because he was not walking properly at the age of three years. The doctor said that he has a flat foot, which will improve if we use insole in his shoes.

A:I'll try and address the different parts of your question. Your main concern seems to be your child's inability to write which has been going on for some time. Some children develop this issue which can be corrected with the help of a special educator. As you have rightly pointed out, this problem can even occur in children with average and above average intelligence. His complains about pains etc. might be related to this central problem, this could be his way of avoiding punishment and coercion at school and at home.

Shyness could be a separate trait which may or may not change with time or another way of avoiding adults in which case this may also link in with the primary issue. Do get him checked up, these issues are easily treated. If you don’t know any special educator contact a child psychologist and they will help you find one.


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