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How can I change my son's behaviour?

Q: I have some questions related to my 4 years old son, who is studying in junior KG. a) He does not mix with the other kids in school. He doesn't eat his food. Its not that he is new to school. Last year he was in a different school. b) If we don't provide him what he demands, he starts screaming and crying. He does not even listen to what we say. c) He hates to sit for his studies. Even if we offer him a reward, he runs away. d) He does not mix with the other kids while playing outdoor games. Either he just stands or sits with his mother if she is around. But when it comes to playing games indoors, he doesn't seem to have any problem. Please tell me what I can do to stop such behaviour.

A:I cannot imagine what a 4 year old would do sitting for his studies, as you put it. Children learn through handling household objects and toys and through looking at picture books. These can be provided to him. The parents should talk with him while doing caregiving activiteis (like bathing and feeding) and listen to him when he is talking. Indulging him for all his food interests, especially if they are fried foods and other packaged items, can be habit forming in the long run. When giving him home food, let him watch the food being prepared and help in stirring a cup or something. Make chapatis or dosais in different shapes to catch his interest. Treat the entire experience of eating home food to be enjoyable. You should be firm and introduce him to good eating habits gradually. Avoid Cola drinks. He will make friends with other children as he grows up. Children differ in how much they mix with others. Surely in his KG class, he takes part in group activities. Make sure that he knows that he is important to the parents, but combine that with guiding him on how to behave. It will take time, but you have to believe in it and give him affection and attention while he is learning to be sociable.


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