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How can I change my child's anti-social behaviour?

Q: I have a four years old baby boy. He is quite influenced by Prithvi Raj Chauhaan, the king of past times as he used to watch the serial. He also has a bad habit of spitting on others whenever he feels angry and also scolds and hits others. He is unable to stop himself from doing so. He is studying in a nursery and his teacher has advised us to try some activity classes for him as he has extra energy. He is mischievous at school and at home too.

A:I think you will have to restrict TV watching time for your 4 year old. He seems to be modelling himself on what he sees on TV or what he remembers selectively. Children will imitate their heroes on the TV screen. At four years, a child can be taught rules of social behaviour. He thinks he can do anything and you must explain to him that he cannot. Be firm and keep the rules you make for him. They fact that you refer to a 4 year old as a baby means that you are still treating him as a baby, who can do anything he wants. The teacher is right. He needs lots of physical activity at home and outside. I would guess that there are only adults in the house and all of him treat him as a little prince. He needs to be helped to behave in socially acceptable ways.


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