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How can I calm down my son's anger?

Q: My son is 4 years old. He throws household items, when he is angry. He also hits others. How can I avoid his anger? He doesn't understand when we say that don't do this or that. He says few words like "mum daay". I am worried that he will continue to do the same when he grows up. How should we control our anger also? We are not sending him to school and he stays alone with his mother. He has no kids of his age to play with him. I think he's lonely and gets bored. Please advise.

A:Since you say you get angry, the child may imitate you. So please do some Yoga or meditation to become more calm. Tell yourself, that all problems can be solved with a little time. Do not let everyday events bother you. Regarding your son, he needs to have many things to play with. They need not be expensive toys; even cups and spoons become playthings for the child. But the child should be allowed to explore things like sand and water. Let him listen to music. Read stories to him and let him see the pictures in the books. He will not throw things as he grows older and picks up language.


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