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How can I build up my son’s concentration?

Q: My five years old son goes to school but lacks concentration. I have to push him to do something creative like writing or colouring. He is good at puzzles and memory games. We are living in The Netherlands and here the school starts teaching writing and reading in class 3 that is at the age of 6 years and above. But I have tried teaching him how to read and write. Also, as the language used here is Dutch. Initially he was very behind but now he is coming good in terms of language. But I am more worried about his concentration power. He also takes Sizodon 1 ml everyday. Could you help me improve his concentration?

A:Your child seems to be on medication. Please consult his doctor before you go to others. One problem may be that you are an ambitious parent and wish to push him into achieving and being ahead. Relax. If the school system starts children on reading and writing in Class 3, why are you coaching him earlier? Have confidence in the system and let your child grow up like others. You cannot be pushing him to be creative. Why dont you let him decide what he wants to do? If you have chosen to live in the Netherlands, it would be prudent to learn what is good in their schools and activities for children.


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