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How can I build the muscles in my arms?

Q: I am 29 years old male with a height of 1.81 m and weight 70 kg. I have an average built body. My arms are very thin as compared to my body. I am very much interested in having little muscles in my arms so I used to do some exercises but still I am not getting any muscles and my arm feels like a lady's. Can you suggest me the exercises to improve my arms and what sort of food I should have?

A:You can try a few exercises listed below, but, do not be in a hurry. Start with light weights. Increase the weight only when you are able to do five or more sets with great ease. Exercise 1: a) Stand facing the wall with your feet 2 feet away from the wall. b) Place your hands flat on the wall with your palms facing the wall and upwards. c) Breathe in as you bend your elbows and lean towards the wall. Keep your back straight and aim to touch the wall with your nose. d) Hold firmly. Then come back to the original position. Exercise 2: a) Stand with your feet 2 feet apart. b) Hold the dumbbells close to the thigh, palms facing forward. c) Breathe out as you slowly raise the dumbbells towards then shoulders, flexing the elbows, keeping your arms close to your body. d) Hold briefly. Inhale as you lower the weight to resting position. Exercise 3: a) Stand as in ex.2. b) Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, palms facing inward. Lift the dumbbell straight up. c) Lower the dumbbell behind your neck in between your shoulder blades. d) Again, lift the dumbbell back and exhale while doing so. Exercise 4: a) Stand as in ex.2. b) Lift a pair of dumbbells and hold them at the level of shoulders with your palms facing forward. c) Raise your arms upward towards the ceiling and keep exhaling. d) Come back to the original position and while doing so, inhale. Exercise 5: a) Stand as in ex.2 b) With your palms facing inwards, hold the pair of dumbbells c) Bend your elbows about 30-40 degrees. d) Extend your arms outward in a semi circle and keep breathing out while you do so. e) Hold briefly. f) As you lower the weights to the front of the thighs, keep breathing in.


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