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How can I build my child's confidence?

Q: My son is of 8 years old and he is in class 3. He is quite brilliant and doesn't bully other kids but he feels very insecure. He gets bullied by other kids and sits in one corner in the school. He makes a lot of noise at home but outside, he is very quiet. How can I build his confidence? How can I help him overcome this insecurity?

A:He will work out things on his own. There are limits to how much a parent can control a child’s life and everything that happens to him. You should talk to him and listen to him while he is playing Sometimes a child who is small in size or appearing scared will be bullied by older and stronger boys. The process of becoming self-confident will be gradual, and there is no need for you to work on it as if it is an emergency. You have said nothing about the home and the people in it. Quite often children feel insecure if too much is expected of them and if they are forced to play rough games even when they are not inclined. Some children find the father to be loud-voiced and aggressive and unable to live up to their idea of what boys should be like. Some children are naturally reserved. It is best that you give the child both time and space to develop his own personality and interests.


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