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How can I avoid my son from being dominated by his cousin?

Q: My son is turning 4 years old next month. He is sharp and good in all activities including studies as well. He is introvert and prefers playing with selected friends. In fact, he only plays with my brother's younger son who is 8 years old. He is greatly influenced and dominated by him. We have observed that he is becoming adamant and doesn't listen to us. He has answers & excuses to all our questions. Since my wife is at home; he spends most of the time with her. But his behaviour towards her is becoming slightly insensitive. We would like to know more about the behaviour of children in this age group. Why is he behaving in such a fashion with his mother?

A:Maybe you could send your child to a play school, where he will meet children of his own age. There is nothing wrong in playing with an older cousin, but not if he is going to imitate his every expression and gesture. If you have access to a play school, you could send him there for a few hours a day. If that is not possible, organise for other children to come and play at your house or some suitable place nearby, at least once a week. Perhaps the mother should cultivate another interest, which occupies her attention for a small part of the time. The child will then learn to adjust to her, rather than expecting everyone to adjust to him and treat him as the most important person. Encourage the child's physical activity. Avoid giving him cola drinks. TV could be the cause of some of the insensitive behaviour, by having arrogant heroes.


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