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How can I avoid frequent bouts of allergic sneezing?

Q: I am suffering from nasal allergy/sinusitis. I sneeze at least 5-6 times a day. This happens due to the exposure to filthy smell while travelling or in the AC room. Sometimes sneezing is so severe that it results in a blocked and runny nose. At times, mucous doesn't come out of the nose. Instead it goes inside the chest which results in bouts of cough. The general practitioner prescribed some tablets and antibiotics, which give temporary effect. I suffered from the same problem 3 years ago underwent a x-ray examination of the chest. Barring the accumulation of sputum, the x-ray report was normal. How can I avoid the recurrence of this problem? Whom should I consult an ENT surgeon, chest physician or an allergologist. Do I need to undergo nasal endoscopy and blood test? I avoid taking chilled water and cold drinks. I have stopped eating bananas and reduced the intake of curd.

A:You seem to be suffering from allergic rhinitis. You should protect yourself from any triggering factors like dust, strong smells, sudden change in temperature, etc. During the episode you need to take anti allergic medicines like cetrizine. Antibiotics are only given if there is any indication of infection. In some resistant cases sprays may be needed. You must show ENT practitioner. If response to the medicine is not good then further investigations are needed.


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