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How can hypothyroidism be treated in a heart patient?

Q: My 64 years old father underwent coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery 15 days ago. He has been complaining of constant feeling of palpitation of heart after surgery. He insisted on the T3 and T4 tests, which were done two days ago. The tests showed high levels of TSH. Does my father have hypothyroidism? How will it affect his recovery post-surgery? What treatment he needs to undergo? He has a history of hypothyroidism. Please advise.

A:The test suggests Hypothyroidism but this has to be corelated with Ft4 and FT3 results. Treated hypothyroidsim should not have any impact on Heart. Untreated may cause high cholesterol which as you know make patients prone to have Ischaemic heart disese.

You should Consult Endocrinologist or Physician and theu would conider treatment.


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