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How can hypothyroidism be managed?

Q: I am a 37 years old woman diagnosed with hypothyroidism nine years back during my first pregnancy. The reading was 9.0 at that time and I have been prescribed Thyronorm 100mg. While on medication all my TSH tests showed normal. After my second pregnancy (after delivery) while on Thyronorm 100 mg, my TSH was below the normal range showing hyperthyroidism. So my gynaecologist reduced the Thyronorm dosage to 75mg after, which all TSH tests came normal. I get the TSH test done every six months. If my TSH is in normal limits, should I just continue with Thyronorm 75 mg or is it good to get an examination done regularly by an endocrinologist? What is the gap that I should give for my tea after taking the medicine in the morning? How can hypothyroidism be managed? Do I have to restrict intake of any specific food items like cabbage? I experience breathlessness at times - is it related to hypothyroidism?

A:Your TSH was not very high at the time of diagnosis. There is a scope to reduce the dose. I would suggest you to reduce the dose to 50 ug a day and then get your repeat TSH after 6 weeks. If normal continue 50 but if high go back to 75 a day. There after you may get your TSH done even once in a year. Target of treatment is to keep TSH in normal range. Take tea after 30 minutes after taking medication. There is no need to restrict diet for hypothyroidism but of course to avoid life style diseases continue healthy life style.


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