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How can hole in the heart be closed?

Q: My 3 years old daughter was identified with a 3 mm sub pulmonic ventricular septal defect (VSD) when she was 52 days old. We are getting the regular ECHOs done as per the doctors advise. Now it has been stated as intracordial VSD. All other functions are working normal. She is active and her weight gain is also normal, she weighs 16.6 kg and her height is 100 cm. The doctors say that the chance for self closure of the hole is very less, but they say that we have to wait for any other intervention. They also told us that 50% of the doctors will advise for surgical closure but other 50% will not advise for it, as it can affect the conductivity of the heart. But we have decide to go for the surgery. Which are the hospitals available in India to get this surgery done?

A:The main problem with the VSds are that they never close. They narrow down because the aortic valve prolapses into the VSD. There is indeed controversy as to when to close the hole. If there is aortic regurgitation (AR) then of course the decision to close becomes easy. However, if there is no AR then our policy to close the VSD depends on the degree of Aortic Valve prolapse and deformity of the aortci cusp. All this can be made out very well on echocardiography. There are many excellent centres in India, which can deal with such problem. To name a few:

  1. In Delhi- All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre
  2. In Chennai- Frontier Lifeline , Ramachandra Institute
  3. In Cochin- Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences
  4. In Hyderabad- Care Hospital


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